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Fish - Live In Krakow Acoustic (2010) [DVD5 NTSC]

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Name:Fish - Live In Krakow Acoustic (2010) [DVD5 NTSC]
Fish - Live In Krakow Electric (2010) [DVD5 NTSC]

Actor: Fish
Audio: English
Language: English
Format image: 1.33:1
Number Disc: 1
Studio: Voiceprint
Date: 15 mar. 2010
Lenght: 115 minutes

.: Tracklist :.

On the 25th of April 1958 there's a great singer born in Edinburgh: Derek William Dick (FISH). Because he finds it very nice to lie in the bath for hours, with his rubber duck, he gets this nickname from his friends: FISH. Later Derek shall use this name as his artists name. Derek grows up in the little village Dalkeith, where his parents have a garage. He's in school there, where he has a easy time, and has good results. Derek too is a fan of THE BEATLES in that period, and he wants to learn to play an instrument. But he never gets beyond playing a tennis racket in front of the mirror. The first single he buys is "Lola" of THE KINKS.

Daddies' garage is becoming a better and better way of way of earning a living and Derek is allowed to go to high school (which is far more expensive). Derek isn't so satisfied with that and prefers to stay in Dalkeith. When Derek is about 13 years old, he becomes more and more interested in music. Especially groups like YES, ELP and of course PINK FLOYD are his favorites. He likes the idea of having a band of his own. But his problem is that he cannot play any instrument. He tries drumming, but that's not so easy as it seems to. There's only one thing that Derek can do without many problems: singing. And this is the beginning of his career. Derek studies a lot by singing along with his favorite songs of YES, ELTON JOHN, and DEEP PURPLE.

Derek is getting older, and school becomes less and less interesting for him. He discovers the nightlife, and begins to enjoy life more and more. When he's 18 and ready with high school, he still doesn't know exactly what to do. He doesn't like university, and therefore he takes a job at the Forestry Commission. There he has the opportunity to do a building engineering study, something he likes because that would mean spending a lot of time outside. In 1979 he leaves for a study journey to Germany. When he gets back, he decides to become a singer at last. Derek changes his name to FISH. Not in the latest place because the off-stage nickname of Chris SQUIRE is also FISH. When he meets Peter GABRIEL after a concert, and this guy turns out to be a normal human being, FISH thinks "then I can do it too". FISH looks for a band, and after a failed audition for NOT QUITE RED FOX, comes across BLEWITT thanks to an old friend. Although the band does not play FISH's favorite music, he becomes their singer. FISH gets a lot experience on stage and thanks to that his performance and his voice both increase in quality. He becomes close fiends with the guitarist of the band, Frank Usher, who tells him that he is very impressed by FISH's voice. Frank advises him to go to London and look for a band that fits him better.

FISH reads a lot of advertisements in the different papers. Because it's difficult to do all the auditions, FISH makes a sort of promo-kit of himself that he sends to the bands. One advertisement that he likes is one from the STONE DOME BAND. FISH reacts, and gets the phone number of the bass player, Diz Minnit. Although the music is more the music FISH likes, it turns out to be a little amateur band. FISH and Diz, who had become friends in the meantime, go looking for something else. Together they hang around Cambridge for a while, but do not find anything interesting. At the end of 1980 FISH returns to Dalkeith. He forces Diz to come over too, and together they try to raise a band. That fails, because they have no money, no real experience and no songs of their own. FISH starts writing his own songs, and sings for Blewitt again once in a while. By then, Diz brings up an advertisement from "Musicians Only". A band in Aylesbury is looking for a singer/bassist. FISH contacts the band, which is called MARILLION. FISH stops his studies, something his parents don't appreciate so much, and leaves in the beginning of 1981 together with Diz to Aylesbury. The band turns out to live in a little ruin, and FISH suggests to continue the meeting in a café. When FISH is very drunk and sings a number of GENESIS, the band is very impressed of his vocal capabilities. They think his voice is very like Peter GABRIEL's, something that FISH takes as a compliment at that time.

The next day FISH and Diz already work together with the band, and soon the first song is born: The Web. On March 15th 1981 the first gig of MARILLION with FISH happens. FISH also is a sort of manager of the band. He has a good relationship with the owners of the halls. But then suddenly that becomes all too much. FISH looks for a press agent and comes across Keith Goodwin, a man who used to work for YES and BLACK SABBATH. That man means a lot to MARILLION and the way up to success is open.

FISH and Steve Rothery write most of the songs together. FISH is far from satisfied with the abilities of Brian Jelliman, and also wants Mick Pointer to leave better than to stay. Steve at his turn, does not like the way Diz plays the bass, but wants Mick to stay. They to come to an agreement and Brian and Diz got fired. Mark Kelly and Pete Trewavas join the band. The rest of the story is in your record box.

Then at the end of the year 1988 comes the fatal surprise: FISH is gone. He has argued with most of the other members of the band and starts a solo career. The fans are heavily disappointed and the future of MARILLION seems to be very dark. FISH was at least the face of the band. How can he ever possibly be replaced by someone else? It is possible, and when MARILLION in 1989 brings out "Seasons End", FISH follows with "Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors". The record is made with some studio musicians and is being accepted by most of the fans. "Vigil." is being followed by "Internal Exile" and "Songs from the Mirror". These albums are released under Polydor, and not under EMI anymore. FISH argues with EMI too, so he had to take the step to another company. When finally FISH cannot cooperate with Polydor too anymore, he starts his own record label and releases his records by his own now. His fourth album "Suits" is already not being accepted so well as the formal albums. A few members of the band have left again, and also managers come and go. FISH must do it on his own now. He has no record companies to blame anymore for the failure of a project. In the meantime FISH tries to start a career as an actor too. This results by example in a role in the TV series "Zorro". Until then, he's still working on his latest double album project "Ying and Yang", again a cover album. This time with new versions of old MARILLION songs and new versions of old FISH songs. After this, FISH stops making music for a while. He wants to spend some more quality with his family and also he wants to pick up his actor career from where he left it.

Songs / Tracks Listing

01. Somebody Special
02. Jumpsuit City
03. Lady Let It Lie
04. Out Of My Life
05. State Of Mind
06. Kayleigh
07. Solo
08. The Company
09. Lavender

- Fish / vocals
- Robin Boult / guitar
- Foster Paterson / keyboards
- Frank Usher / guitar
- Ewan Vernal / bass
- Kevin Wilkinson / drums

Releases information

Recorded live at the Bucklein Theatre, Krakow, Poland, October 14th 1995.
DVD-Format: NTSC, Region Code 0 , Aspect Ratio 4:3

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